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There’s an east wind coming.

There’s an east wind coming.

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focal ► point 

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meds by Gregory-Welter


meds by Gregory-Welter

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just the two of us

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Come on John, we’re losing them!

Come on John, we’re losing them!

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Something dumb I sketched at work. 

Sherlock confesses his love like an asshole.

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[x] [x] 


[x] [x

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Sherlock Characters + Minimalism

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No, the writers did not pull that name out of thin air but rather from a pastiche biography of Sherlock Holmes by William S. Baring-Gould.

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"Did you miss me?"

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SH – stairway to mind palace

Drawing finally done! Started 3 months ago, It took a way longer than I expected. I thought that drawing in white on black would be easier but not at all. The thing is, to have white really really white, I had to draw so many times that I’ve lost count (I killed 3 entire pencils to achieve it.)

The process was so long also because of the large size of the drawing; the principal difficulty was to do all these different lightings and shadows. My favourite part was to draw Sherlock climbing the stairs; I loved to draw the shadow on his coat and the staircase. But I didn’t enjoy so much drawing the hair of the profile, it drove me crazy! I was really happy when I put my signature at the end.

Credit to Ian Derry for the 2 wonderful reference photos I’ve used:

He also inspired me the idea for the composition of the drawing with this post.

See here, the work in progress:

White and light grey pencils on black paper - size 65x50cm (26”x20”)

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The Sign of Three [x]

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without you


without you

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