Anonymous said: Ooh has there been a sound track released? the music is brilliant~

They are releasing one for series 1 & 2 around the time series 2 premieres I believe!

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Anonymous said: FLAWLESS BLOG CERTIFICATE! When you get this you paste it in 10 other peoples ask that deserve it! It is telling you that I will follow you FOREVER and your tumblr blog is amazing <3

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urbanbloodlustfrenzy said: Just curious: Which is your favorite Sherlock episode?

andells: UHHH mine is ‘The Great Game’ i think?? it’s the episode i’ve watched the most, and it has MORIARTY and THE POOL SCENE, RESTAURANT ~DATES~, “THE VAN BUREN SUPAHNOVA”, CRAP TELLY, PURPLE SHIRTS, “HOW’S THE DIET” and FANTASTIC MERETRICIOUS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR, etc etc <33 ‘A Study in Pink’ is a very close second :)

blue: A Study in Pink is mine haha I have a weakness for ~first meetings~ I think. I especially really love the RAPID PROGRESSION OF JOHN FROM “how do you know everything what the fuck are you” to “that’s fantastic you’re fantastic” to “I AM GOING TO GUN THIS GUY DOWN BECAUSE YOU ARE A STUPID IDIOT”

alice ETA: Aaaaa don’t make me choose between A Study in Pink and The Great Game I love them both to pieces and could loop them forever and EVER (I already have)… that isn’t to say I hate The Blind Banker or anything, it’s only my least favorite because I feel like there were too many non-Sherlock or John scenes. Aaskfhaksf so many of my favorite lines/scenes are in A Study in Pink (“When you walk with Sherlock Holmes you see the battlefield” and “Mrs Hudson took my skull!” and of course EVERYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH JOHN OR SHERLOCK OR MYCROFT OR LESTRADE so ummm pretty much the whole ep was GLORIOUS) —- HOWEVER, The Great Game of course has Moriarty (aaaa love him so much) and the Smiley Face of Boredom and John being extremely daft and suicidal FOR THE SAKE OF SHERLOCK *huggles all of them* aaaaa this show gives me so many feelings and emotions I can’t handle it I have to go.

Anonymous said: Was the air date rally pushed back? 0A0

Well it was originally supposed to air in late 2011 in the uk, but during a rebroadcast of the first series the announcer said “next year”!

I think most people believe it’ll air late 2011/early 2012, since “A Scandal in Belgravia” takes place around christmas. Hopefully we’ll find out soon!

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fireonallwires said: THANK YOU, YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. If this doesn't hold me out until next season, nothing will :)

WE ARE HERE TO SERVE. Also I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart! We’re almost at 400 followers… in less than a day… *clutches heart*

Our askbox is open to ya’ll…. any and all questions, thoughts, random squealing…!

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Anonymous said: Do you ship John/Sherlock?

WHO DOESN’T… Although (this is alicexz speaking) I will say that I definitely don’t ship them in a rabid foaming-at-the-mouth Irene-Adler-needs-to-die manner. I find sexual tension, any sexual tension between any characters, to be much more interesting when it’s quivering just below the surface, resolving the tension usually just makes it boooh-ring. I think lack of subtlety is the main cause of bad!fic, and I hate bad!fic.

Okay I think I’m getting sidetracked.

ETA because Blue wants to add that I basically feel that Sherlock and John are soulmates, whether platonic or romantic or anything in between, sexual or asexual or variations thereof. They complete each other and it is so beautiful and gives me all the feelings

ETA again lol because andells wants to add that YEP BASICALLY ALL OF THIS^ they complete each other (as lame as that sounds ha), with sherlock as the brains and john as the heart. you can’t have one without the other, and that’s the beauty of it, that you can really interpret their relationship any way you want i guess! 

megageek-deactivated20120411 said: Question: are you guys going to be posting spoilers for the new season? If so, will you be tagging those posts for people with Tumblr Savior?

We won’t be posting any significant amount of spoilers or set photos, and if we ever do they will definitely be tagged #spoilers or #sherlockbbcspoilers and put under a Read More, so rest assured! :)

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foxygrunklestan said: BLESS THIS BLOG

BLESS YOU. BLESS ALL OF YOU. Omg we just opened, over 100 followers in under an hour…

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