urbanbloodlustfrenzy said: Just curious: Which is your favorite Sherlock episode?

andells: UHHH mine is ‘The Great Game’ i think?? it’s the episode i’ve watched the most, and it has MORIARTY and THE POOL SCENE, RESTAURANT ~DATES~, “THE VAN BUREN SUPAHNOVA”, CRAP TELLY, PURPLE SHIRTS, “HOW’S THE DIET” and FANTASTIC MERETRICIOUS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR, etc etc <33 ‘A Study in Pink’ is a very close second :)

blue: A Study in Pink is mine haha I have a weakness for ~first meetings~ I think. I especially really love the RAPID PROGRESSION OF JOHN FROM “how do you know everything what the fuck are you” to “that’s fantastic you’re fantastic” to “I AM GOING TO GUN THIS GUY DOWN BECAUSE YOU ARE A STUPID IDIOT”

alice ETA: Aaaaa don’t make me choose between A Study in Pink and The Great Game I love them both to pieces and could loop them forever and EVER (I already have)… that isn’t to say I hate The Blind Banker or anything, it’s only my least favorite because I feel like there were too many non-Sherlock or John scenes. Aaskfhaksf so many of my favorite lines/scenes are in A Study in Pink (“When you walk with Sherlock Holmes you see the battlefield” and “Mrs Hudson took my skull!” and of course EVERYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH JOHN OR SHERLOCK OR MYCROFT OR LESTRADE so ummm pretty much the whole ep was GLORIOUS) —- HOWEVER, The Great Game of course has Moriarty (aaaa love him so much) and the Smiley Face of Boredom and John being extremely daft and suicidal FOR THE SAKE OF SHERLOCK *huggles all of them* aaaaa this show gives me so many feelings and emotions I can’t handle it I have to go.